Where do I ship to: I ship worldwide at this time, but only with prefered methods.

Method of shipping: All domestic orders with either be shipped with Priority or First Class package with tracking. Insurance is optional to buyer. All international orders will be shipped via Priority or EMS. With Priority, there is no tracking for insurance so buyer need to be aware of this ahead of time. I am no responsible for lost or damage item by the USPS. If you choose EMS, i will follow up and do whatever requested by USPS for you.

Shipping Price: Domestic shipping and tracking are now included in the prices. For International, Priority is Flat $15 or EMS (this varies by weight).

Shipping Time: I ship items out either the same or next business day after payment cleared/received. Domestic shipping for first class can take up to 9 business days or 2-3 days for Priority. For International, Priority can take up to 10 days or more, and EMS up to 7 days or more as these days do change if it is held in custom. I will not pay any international custom charge or tax of the country items are shipped to. That is the responsibility of the buyers.

Local Pick-Up: There is no local pick up at this point. Nor delivery at a meet either. I have small children so i rarely able to leave the house much for this or be at home for pick-up.


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